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Are you a human being? Congratulations, you have a family history! Family History Month is a great time to celebrate and share your family's past. Here are a few suggested activities for Family History Month:

Do Genealogy Research. There are a number of great resources to get you started. Try or

Interview a Relative. Talking to older relatives, or even neighbors or community leaders is a great opportunity to get their stories recorded and learn more about your family history.

Digitize and restorefamily photos. Preserving and updating your family's history by digitizing and restoring old photos is a great way to reconnect with lost loved ones and resurrect forgotten memories.

Cook Ancestral Food. Food is a universal part of our family history. Even if your family tree only has a few branches, you can gain a rich understanding of your family's past through recreating recipes.This is a great way to connect with parts of your genetic identity and to and share a feast of remembrance with your loved ones.

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