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Our Services

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From fine restoration and retouching work,

to requests as simple as cropping, rotating and resizing,

we are here to help.

Restoration and Retouching

We repair:

  • rips, folds, tears, creases, wrinkles, cracks

  • dust, scratches, stains, tape marks, light leakage

  • fading, shifts in color, loss of vibrancy

  • missing parts of the image, flaked emulsion

  • photos that are too dark, too light, too grainy, too blurry, too far away

ancestry photo retouching
premium restoration

What does a premium

photo restoration cost?

A premium restoration is more than just scanning photos and clicking a generic filter. There simply isn't a "magic Photoshop button". It takes experience, judgement and
an artist's eye in order to achieve the best results.

We know that our clients' needs are as unique as the stories behind each photo. Your free consultation will determine the appropriate combination of services required.

A moderate restoration of a photograph typically runs $65. If the damage is more extensive, your free quote will reflect that.

mobile studio photo restoration

We offer solutions that include:

  • organizing and creating your family tree album

  • memorial and honorary displays

  • multi-photo pricing

  • extra prints for family and friends

The restoration process usually takes two weeks, depending on the severity of the damage. Please let us know if you need a quicker delivery.

Click on the link below to arrange your free consultation.

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