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Protecting and Handling Your Old Photos

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Storing your photos albums in the back of your closet might seem smart, but humidity and temperature will cause the pictures to suffer. High humidity can cause the photo to become soft, causing the image to deteriorate. Low humidity can cause the photo or negative to crack. And high temperatures will speed up the rate of deterioration.

Store your photos in archival-quality albums which should then be stored in archival-quality boxes. At the very least, store your photos in an acid-free cardboard box, and add slips of acid-free paper to keep the pictures from sticking to one another.

Keep your photos in a place where they cannot be disturbed by light, and where they can get plenty of air circulation.

When viewing your photos, keep them safe by only holding them from the edges. Do not touch the surface. The natural secretions from your skin will cause damage overtime. Never use adhesives, tape or fasteners that might leave an impression on your picture.

Proper storage and handling are crucial first steps if you want to be sure that your photos are preserved for future generations.

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