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Restoring your parents' wedding photo - An incredible gift!

Living in the digital age, we forget that old photos were actually printed on paper. And often the quality of that photo paper was not that good to begin with. Also, we know that moisture, dust, and just touching them will degrade a photo's quality. But did you know that exposure to UV rays from a sunny window can have a profound effect on the chemistry used to produce a photograph, causing colors to fade and shift over time?

Regardless of whether the damage is caused by the sun or moisture - whether it's cracks, spotting, faded colors or mold - with expertise and skill it's possible to restore a photo back to an incredibly clean image with all details intact.

Rescuing your parents' or grandparents' precious photographs is an invaluable act of love and appreciation. It also makes an amazing gift, so get an early jump on the holidays and get in touch with us. We can help!

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